Wilbur (written Phil Cummings Little Big Book Club 2010)

Bushranger Bill (written Megan de Kantzow Omnibus 2006)

Cinderella/Alex and the Glass Slipper (Era Publications 1991)

Always Arthur (ill Donna Gynell Era Publications 1990)

Educating Arthur (ill Donna Gynell Era Publications 1987)

Picasso the green tree frog (ill John Siow Era publications 1985)

Arthur (ill Donna Gynell Era Publications 1984)



The Only Me (written Meredith Harvey 2007 Omnibus/LBBC)



Smart Dad (Omnibus 1997)

The mystery of the silver animals(written Leone Peguero Era 1996)

Seb and Sasha (written Jo Croser Era 1994)

The mystery of the missing garden gnome (written Leone Peguero Era 1993)

Letters to Leah (written Jo Croser Era 1993)

My friend Meg (written Jo Croser Era 1992)

Ghost dog (written Edel Wignell Era 1991)


DEEP END nonfiction (Era Publications)

Childhood – then and now (2008)

Germs : They make you sick. (2008)

Africa (2007)

The Scribbler (ill Greg Holfeld 2007)

Sweet! (2007)


WINGS fiction (Era Publications)

Beauty and the beast (ill Deborah Baldassi 2011)

The coyote and the sheep (ill Donna Gynell 2011)

Noah’s ark (ill Leanne Argent 2011)

What a sailor sees (ill Sandra Gale 2008)

This room is a mess (ill Deborah Baldassi 2008)

Three little pigs (ill Laura Peterson 2008)

Goldilocks and the three bears (ill Annie White 2008)

Not my tent (ill Donna Gynell 2006)

Elephant Play (ill Neil Curtis 2006)

Hide and seek (ill Neil Curtis 2006)

Yucky mucky mud (ill Greg Holfeld 2006)

Bear’s ball (ill Bill Wood 2006)

The surprise (ill Justin Clarke 2005)

The queen’s breakfast (ill Greg Holfeld 2005)

Sally’s big red bag (ill Karl Horvat 2005)

Fearless William (written Michael Steer 2005)

Prize goat (ill Greg Holfeld 2004)

As still as a statue (written Michael Steer 2004)

Bill’s bull (ill Greg Holfeld 2003)

Elephant tricks (ill Neil Curtis 2003)

Here comes the sun (ill Greg Holfeld 2003)

Joan’s hat (ill Greg Holfeld 2003)

The flying king (ill Greg Holfeld 2003)

Secret notes (ill Naomi Lewis 2003)

Sit down dog (ill Annie White 2003)

Joan’s goat (ill Greg Holfeld 2003)

The queen can’t sleep (ill Greg Holfeld 2003)

The Tricky Truck Track (ill Greg Holfeld 2003)

Joan’s Garden (ill Greg Holfeld 2002 )

The Last Donut (ill Bill Wood 2002)

Share Bear (ill Bill Wood 2002)

On the farm (ill Grant Wilson 2002)

Taller and smaller (ill Bill Wood 2002)

What the king likes (ill Greg Holfeld 2002)

Fussy wolf (ill Bill Wood 2002)

Around and about (ill Leanne Argent 2002)

Boots for the king (ill Greg Holfeld 2002)

The king’s slippers (ill Greg Holfeld 2002)

Melon for tea (ill Greg Holfeld 2002)

Lovely lunch (all my own work! 2002)

Tales from the Tricky Truck Track (ill Greg Holfeld 2000)


WINGS nonfiction (Era Publications)

Which beetle? (photos Lisa James 2008)

Days at the beach (photos Russell Millard 2006)

Camping out (photos Martin Smith 2006)

Keep pet chickens (photos Lisa James 2006)

The cartoonist (ill Richard Dall 2005)

Tools (photos Lisa James 2005)

Teeth (photos Russell Millard 2005)

Electricity (photos Martin Smith 2005)

How a bicycle works (photos Martin Smith 2005)

Pasta and me (photos Nigel Croser 2005)

Birds in your garden (photos Nigel Croser 2004)

Kitchen scientist (photos Martin Smith 2004)

The star garden (photos Martin Smith 2004)

Twice as nice (photos Martin Smith 2004)

The best toy (photos Lisa James 2004)

Dino world (photos Nigel Croser 2004)

Pop’s shed (photos Martin Smith 2004)

Have you been?

Five beans (photos Russell Millard 2003)

Friday nights (photos Russell Millard 2003)

Who is taller? (photos Lisa James 2003)

Paper pictures (photos Martin Smith 2003)

Rubbish (photos Lisa James 2003)

Old trains (photos Martin Smith 2002)

The magnet (photos Lisa James 2002)

Me, an author? (2001)


CHATTERBOX SERIES (Longman/Pearson Education)

Pol Likes it Cold (ill Susy Boyer 2003)

Mouse Six (ill Bettina Gutheridge 2003)

Socks for Sam (ill Susy Boyer 2003)

Fish in the Bucket (ill Meredith Thomas 2003)


MAGIC BEAN series (Era Publications)

Sleepy on Sunday (ill Donna Gynell 1998)

The first musician (1996)

Morse’s horse 1996)

One slice of bread (ill Annie White 1996)

Ants with Apple Pie (ill Tom Jellett  1996)

Cut loose (ill T Giles 1996)

Julius the marvellous (ill M Johnson 1996)

Every morning (1995)

Looks like lunch (1994)

Amos Well’s shop (ill Damon Mardon 1994)

The one-eyed Zoff (1994)

In the middle of the night (1988)

Wild Rose (ill B Papageorgiou 1988)

So what (ill D Strauss 1988)

Help! (ill S Vassilliou1987)

Angus thought he was big (ill Bill Wood 1987)

Claude Money (ill Donna Gynell 1987)